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Upcoming events will be uploaded here – please keep checking for our latest events and activities. Contact Adele to advertise your Cancer research related event here.

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18th April 2018

Collaboration Hotel for a Day. To be held at Bath University.

This event is for showcasing our cancer research activities within the GW4 community and broadening collaborations. Bring your posters we will provide the poster boards as well as whiteboards, flipcharts, coffee and tea. We will also explore how we can access GW4 Accelerator funds to bring the big ideas to the research councils.

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Past events


16th symposium graphic

16th CR@B Symposium 15th November 2017 Bath

Programme 16th CRB symposium

1st International Cancer Research @ Bath Symposium

Full programme below:

Thursday 20th April 2017: Thurs morning Registration and coffee

10.00   Introduction and welcome

Tumour Immunity and Cancer Cell Biology

Chair: Andrew Chalmers/Paul Martin

10.05 Awen Gallimore (Cardiff University) The multiple roles of CD+ T cells in Tumour Immunity (Alumni talk)

10.40 Helen Pearson (Cardiff University) Identification of PIK3CA oncogenic mutation as new genetic driver of prostate cancer

11.00 Joseph Dukes (Immunocore) The ImmTAC™ platform: Novel bi-specific TCR-based reagents for targeted cancer immunotherapy

11.45 – 1.30 lunch break/poster and networking

1.30 Fanni Gergely (CRUK Cambridge Institute) Out of control: centrosomes in ovarian cancer

2.10 Caroline Hill (Francis Crick Institute) – Deregulated TGF-β superfamily signalling in cancer

15.00 John Hilkens (Netherlands Cancer Institute)- Discovering genes in mammary cancer and mammary gland development by insertional mutagenesis

15.30 – 15.55 Coffee

16.00 – 18.00: Key note talks

DougladsHanahanDouglas Hanahan (Director of the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research in Lausanne) Hall marks of cancer and progress

Douglas Hanahan is internationally famous together with Robert Weinberg for the seminal peer-reviewed article defining the Hallmarks of Cancer, published in Cell in January 2000.  Almost every Cancer Biologist has come across the famous image of the “cancer hallmarks wheel”.

DougladsHanahan 2

Peter JonesPeter Jones  (Chief Scientific Officer at the Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) in Grand Rapids Michigan).Cancer Epigenetics (genome responses to environmental influences)

Peter Jones is a pioneer in the field of epigenetics and epigenetic therapies. He was one of the first scientists to propose targeting cancer at the epigenetic level.


18.30 Closing 1st day – Sunset skyline walk/river cruise (weather permitting)

Conference dinner

Friday 21st April Fri

8.30 Coffee

Special topic DNA Damage Response

Chair: Michael Threadgill

9.00 Graeme Smith (Astra Zeneca) Targeting DNA Damage Response Pathways for Cancer Treatment

9.40 Carla Martins (MRC Cancer Unit Cambridge) Exploiting the heterogeneity of mutant Kras lung tumours to improve DDR targeting

10.20 Sounak Sahu (University of Oxford) A robust DNA damage response ensures genome stability in potentially immortal planarian stem cells

11.00 Jo Morris (University of Birmingham) Functions of the breast and ovarian cancer predisposition protein, BRCA1, and the implications for treatment

11.45 – 1.30 lunch posters networking

Translating Research for Cancer therapy:

Chair: David Tosh

1.30 Rebecca Fitzgerald (MRC Cancer Unit Cambridge) The molecular characterisation of oesophageal adenocarcinoma

2.20 Amanda McCann (UCD Dublin) Protein and chemotherapy profiling of extracellular vesicles harvested from therapeutic induced senescent triple negative breast cancer cells.

Public Lectures

Gareth Morgan3.00 Gareth Morgan (NHS Wales & Cardiff University) The potential of aspirin in the prevention and treatment of cancer Alumni talk

Gareth Morgan did his undergraduate studies at Bath in 1991 in Pharmacology and went on to pursue a career in Public Health. He is a Fellow and Trustee of the Royal Society of Public Health. In addition to his work in health service delivery and policy, Gareth has a research interest  in the public health potential of aspirin to reduce cancer in the population.

Gordon McVie4.00 Gordon McVie (ecancer): Patient-led cancer care and personalised medicine 

Gordon McVie  is an international authority on the treatment and research of cancer. Along with the late Umberto Veronesi he is the founding editor of ecancermedicalscience, an open access cancer journal.

5.00 closing remarks

Visit the Roman Baths/ boat trips

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